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Adult Babies - Age play wherein the submissive is the baby. This may include diapering, powdering, wearing a pacifier, sleeping in a crib, etc.
Age Play - play that involves assuming the role of someone of a different age.
Animal Training - Training where the Dominant has his submissive play the part of an animal, such as horses and dogs. The most common is "puppy play".

Ball Gag - A device with a rubber ball and straps, which secures the ball in the bottom's mouth to stifle screams.
Ball Stretching - The practice of stretching the scrotal sack so that it hangs lower using weights or other devices to pull on it above the testicles. As the sack is pulled, the testicles are squeezed leading to discomfort and sometime pain.
Ball Torture - Causing pain to the male testicles, also included in CBT or cock and ball torture.
Bastinado - Foot torture involving the soles of the feet.
Beating - General term for such BDSM activities such as flogging caning, spanking, strapping, etc.
Belt - A leather strap used for striking the buttocks.
Blindfold - By blocking out sight - a common technique in SM scene - the bottom feels more vulnerable and increases the release of endorphins, thus contributing to the excitement in the scene.
Blowjob - Fellatio, head, sucking cock done in tie and tease.
Bondage - Making a submissive physically helpless and to a great extent immobilized. Techniques include rope ties, handcuffs.
Bootlicking - Licking and cleaning of a Dominant's boots by a submissive is a common show of submission. Can also be a fetish.
Breath Control - smoothering - another type of "edgeplay" whereby the submissive's breath is stopped for a short period of time to increase pleasurable sensations.

Caning - Using a rattan cane (although they are made of many other substances) on a Submissive. Usually more severe than a flogging.
CBT - Cock and Ball Torture - Causing pain to the male genital area; usually in controlled, consensual BDSM scenes
Clothespins - wooden or plastic clothespins, typically used to produce pain sensation on the skin. Usually on nipples and genital areas.
Collar and Leash - Worn by the bottom during this type of BDSM play. The Dominant holds the leash and the bottom must follow and obey. Click Here and Click Here
Condom - Latex "rubber" that goes over the penis to prevent semen from entering a vagina. Also known as "rain coat" and "gym cap."
Consent - To give approval. The BDSM code of "safe, sane and consensual" or “SSC” is the cornerstone of BDSM play. With consent being the most important.
Corporal Punishment - Retributive punishment using repetitive spankings and question and reply to change a bottom's behavior.
Crop - A type of whip used in horseback riding, quite popular in BDSM scenes. It stings and can mark a butt severely, but is easy to master and quite reasonable in price.
Cross Dressing - Dressing in clothing worn by the opposite sex. Does not indicate sexually preference in any way.

DP - Double penetration – usually when done with a couple either man or woman gets DP
Discipline - Whipping, spanking, verbal orders, etc for the purpose of training a submissive.
Dog-Training - Role-play games involving treating the bottom as a dog. Similar to Pony Training where the bottom is treated like a pony.
Dom - Short for Dominant.
Dominant - A Top. who controls a bottom, submissive, or slave.
Domination - Taking the Dominant role - controlling the bottom's behavior, it can be role-play or in a D/s relationship.
Dominatrix - A Domme; it implies being a professional.
Domme - A female Dominant. Can also be used interchangeably with Mistress
Double Penetration - Simultaneous penetration of the ass and pussy.
Douche, Douching - Injecting of a liquid, usually water, into the asshole or pussy, usually for hygiene purposes prior to sex or ass play.

Fetish, Fetishism - An unusual obsession with something. Like a leather fetish, a latex fetish or a shoe fetish. Fetishes are only limited by the human imagination.
Financial Domination – Controlling another’s financial matters or money.
Fisting - also called fist fucking and FF. Attempting to place the whole hand into the rectum or vagina. Must be done with great care and sterility. Can provide exceptional orgasms.
Foot Worship - A foot fetish where the submissive worships the Dominants feet, usually in high heel shoes or boots.

Golden Showers - Urination play. Also called (duh) "piss play." And GS.

Lash - A strike from a whip, paddle, crop or flogger.

Maid - Popular role-play where the submissive dresses up - and acts like - a maid.
Masochist - One who gets pleasure from pain.

Nipple Torture - To cause pain to the nipples. Typically by using nipple clamps,  pulling and twisting, etc.

OTK - "Over the Knee" spanking were the subject is placed over the lap of the person administering the spanking.

Strapon - A belt or harness that has a dildo attached. IT allows the wearer the ability to fuck another either in the vagina or anus.


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