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If you are looking for a REAL Lifestyle Pro - Fem-Domme experience you have come to the right place. You have a great chance to be trained by a strict but caring Mistress, a Mistress with a smile or is it a smirk?  A Mistress so sweet... BUT AM I?  DON'T BE FOOLED, I KNOW WHAT I WANT AND I WANT IT NOW!!! Are you good enough?
I have a dominant nature from a young age. Are you good enough to serve me? I doubt it but I will train you with my whip in hand and clamps all over you.  You will obey my every whim.  I will humiliate you and treat you like the little worm you are. I will abuse you just because I want to and punish you for my entertainment.
My gratification comes from watching my treasured submissives relinquish control to the machinations of my wicked, erotic imagination. I love to watch your deep-seated submissive nature emerge, to feel the rush of endorphins as I use you in ways you’ve only imagined in your most titillating dreams.
 I truly savor the delights of my lifestyle, and my natural ability to deviously, brutally torment my treasured submissives in an environment free of free of shaming, stigma, or judgment. In the boundaries of trust and safety, with my versatile repertoire of skills, I turn fantasy into reality.


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